Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update #2

Hi, everyone!
Okay, so I've not been having much time the past few months on writing, and it's kind of sad for me. Anyways, I've decided to let out the fact that there will be two new additions to the characters in Pure at Heart. These two girls are both somewhere between thirteen and fourteen, and have a rivalry.

Here are some quotes by them (that I've written so far):


"My name is Aurelie."

"I won't let anything happen to him."

"Tried and succeeded."

"Let go of me. You guys act like you're the best at everything because of your name. We are only called Dark, because of the magic the warlocks use. We can easily call ourselves Pure too."

"Forget it. Call me whatever you want. I won't be here long enough for you to appreciate it."


"Finally. You know, werewolves, usually don't snooze for three hours straight. That stuff wasn't supposed to last more than twenty minutes."

"You're good, but I'm better."

"You really are clueless, aren't you?"

"Taylor, the country singer."

"What an idiotic mother. Who would ever marry such a--"

"When my mother was in action, it would be like everything is going on in slow motion."

So at this point, Taylor and Aurelie literally hate each other. What do you think?

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