Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heist Society (Heist Society, #1)Heist Society by Ally Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, so I'm not really a fan of book's like this. In fact, this is my first time reading a book like this. It isn't exactly mystery like Nancy Drew, and it isn't really about like die-hard hard-core stealing, robbing--that type of book. It's simple, and straightforward.

And good.

That's not even a WORD for it. It's amazing! The book kept my hooked throughout my whole 3 hours for reading it. It was confusing sometimes, but that's probably because my mind doesn't work as amazingly as Ally Carter's does. I always admire script-writers, directors, and authors of books and movies like these because their heads just work in a way like no other head works. It's amazing, because they can connect things that don't even connect at first glance.

My favorite character: Hale

Of course, of course. I don't know, he just seems like the Jace Lightwood of Heist Society. That guy that's always been there, the guy who always liked the main girl, but he never shows it until another guy enters the picture. In this case, Nick. I loved Hale's funny lines, and I loved the way the other characters reacted to it, especially Kat.

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